Marla's philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn't.
    was die tage so bringen
    gedankengšnge und sowas
    was der mensch so braucht
    dinge, die die welt nicht braucht
    lieder, die die seele spielgeln
    zitate und šhnliches
    lyrische sachen

   reggae und nette gespršche
   good muzak
   gaanz tolle bildchen

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.....den tellerrand

die happy - i am

iím an angel
iím a devil
i am sometimes in between
iím as bad as it can get
iím as good as it can be
sometimes iím the main colors
sometimes iím black and white
i am all extrems
try to figure me out
youíll never can

so many things
i am

i am special
i am beautiful
i am wonderful

sometimes iím miserable
sometimes iím pitiful

but thatís so typical of all the things
i am

i am someone filled with selfbelieve
and haunted by selfdoubts
iíve got all the answers
i got nothing figured out
i like to be by myself
i hate to be alone
iím up
and i am down
thatís a part of the thrill
part of the plan
part of all the things
i am

iím a million contradictions
sometimes i make no sense
sometimes iím perfect
sometimes iím a mess
sometimes i'm not sure
who i am

but that's so typical of all the things
i am



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